Interview with Hellscream Haunted House and Escape Rooms (Colorado Springs, CO) – August 17, 2018


When I (Jason) was searching for rooms to do while out in Colorado Springs, one that caught my eye on Google Maps was ‘Hellscream Haunt’. After perusing their website for a few brief minutes, I couldn’t help myself but to email them because The Elevator really piqued my interest.

I’m all for a good gimmick in a room (don’t get me wrong, when I hear that word I immediately think WWE), but that was initially what hooked me on this place. (Maybe ‘hook’ is a better word…)

Anyway, I reached out and was offered the opportunity to come in with a team (up to 6) and test our mettle. 5 went in and 5 came out, and a review will be posted soon, but that’s aside the point.

Once we got there, we realized these guys weren’t joking around; this place looks AMAZING and it’s no wonder they are consistently rated a top Haunted House in Colorado. But how were the escape rooms…? Well, we sat down with Jesse, one of their master builders (and our GM for the night), to talk some shop, so give a watch. (We ended up going back 2 days later to escape The Pen.)

Additionally, if you book a room on either a Thursday or a Sunday, use code Escape2018 for a whopping 50% off! (Thanks to Vince for that, their DDP-lookalike owner.) (Yes, I had to tie it all back in to the WWE comment at the top.)

Have you done any of the rooms at this location? What was your experience like? You can add your comments to this post.

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