You’re Not Dropping a House on US!! – Room: Tornado – November 23, 2018


Play if… you feel like you’d be able to keep it together after a natural disaster.

Avoid if… clutter makes your OCD go haywire.


Can U Xcape:

Address: 95 East 10th Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 (click address for Google Map)

Contact and Website: 570-951-2265

Room – Tornado:

Description (from the company website):

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

Your room has just been hit by a tornado and you’ve barely survived. But there is no time to rest! The weather authority has just reported that another tornado is heading your way! You have 60 minutes to escape the rubble before the next storm hits and finishes you off. You better act fast because…

This room will blow you away.


Guess who forgot to put a first-aid kit in the storm shelter? Yep, that would be you. You and your team have suffered injuries from the first storm and need medical attention! Find a first-aid kit to patch yourselves up before you exit. It would be a real shame if the storm shelter became your tomb.

Difficultynot rated, but the escape rate for the room is 35%, and the success rate for securing the bonus is 15%

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Cost: $25 per person (plus a booking fee)

Identifier: R1

Party Size: Up to 8.

Staging Area: there is a small lobby that is located just outside the Game Masters’ control center and next to a hallway that leads to all of their rooms. Plenty of seating for small parties as they wait to enter the rooms.

Metro Access/Parking: there is a large parking lot outside, so drive away!


This is the video we took before we entered the room:

This is the video we took just after we completed the room:

Note: The ERG were given the opportunity to try out this room for free, with the understanding that we would continue to provide an honest review and follow the same process we’ve used on all of our other ratings.


Description of the room: You enter your house, which has been decimated by a previous tornado. Things are strewn everywhere and walls have even collapsed. How will you find what you need and escape before the next tornado hits?

Understanding of the Mission: pick your way through your destroyed house and escape before the next tornado hits.

Did We Escape: yes

Time Remaining: 7:43 (broke the current record by about 3 minutes)

Our Suggested Party Size: 6 was good

Did the room challenge the entire team? Yes

Members of our team (other than the ERG): Alex, Mark, Dylan, Erin, and Heather

We (Alex, Mark, Dylan, Erin, Mike and Heather) escaped the second tornado!

Worth the time and money? absolutely

Where to Eat/Drink Before/After:

  • Quaker Steak & Lube – great restaurant with some awesome happy hour specials (drink discounts and half-priced appetizers) and a huge selection of wing sauces and dry rubs

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We Definitely Weren’t in Kansas Anymore… – Room: F5 Tornado – September 23, 2017

We made it out of the tornado alive!!!


Play if… you enjoy getting a little physical or tornadoes fascinate you.

Avoid if… you’ve experienced one in real life.


Trap Door Escape:

Address: 34 A Speedwell Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960 (click address for Google Map)

Contact and Website: 973-971-9800

The Room – F5 Tornado:

Description (from the company website): A tornado is quickly approaching! Can your team make it to the barn in time to ride out this epic storm? You will have to crawl, climb, push, pull, and of course, think your way through this obstacle course escape experience.

IMPORTANT: F5 is a physical game! This experience involves obstacles and physical activity. Players should be able to climb over and crawl through obstacles, as well as crawl on the ground (with the help of teammates!).

Difficulty (1-10)N/A

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Cost: $35

Identifier: R1

Party Size: Up to 10

Staging Area: The storefront is on a main street in Morristown; there’s plenty of space to spread out and relax (there’s a coupla couches).

Metro Access/Parking: It’s in NJ; drive or Lyft/Uber.


This is the video I took before we entered the room:

This is the video I took just after we completed the room:


Description of the room: You’re in a…field. There’s wind. And a barn. I’m saying literally 0 more about it.

Understanding of the Mission: There’s a twister coming and you need to find a safe place to hide. Break into the barn, then into the storm cellar and wait it out.

Did We Escape: Yep

Time Remaining: 13:28 (This would have been like 30 had we not struggled with one puzzle…you’ll know what I’m talking about when you keep reading.)

Our Suggested Party Size: I think 6 is pretty perfect here, though you could definitely do it with 4 skilled escapers.

Did the room challenge the entire team? Yes

Members of our team (other than the ERG): Karyn, Valerie, Kim, Amanda, and Mike

Worth the time and money? HELL YES

Where to Eat/Drink Before/After:

  • Horseshoe Tavern – we went here between rooms. Food was good; service…not so much. :/

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