Tips & Tricks

Everything you see below has been compiled from our experience as Escape Room Guys.

General Tips and Tricks

  1. If provided, use the white board.
  2. Clues may be used more than once unless specified by your Game Master (GM) in the briefing.
  3. Locks – if you’re having trouble opening a lock, make sure you’re resetting it before each attempt by pushing in THEN pulling, or turning the dial back to zero a few times..
  4. Speaking of locks, we’ve encountered the following types:
    1. Numerical combination (think a MasterLock)
    2. Directional (instead of numbers, you push the lock in a series of directions – right, left, up or down)
    3. 3/4/5 digit padlocks (can be alpha or numeric, or an alphanumeric)
    4. Digital combination locks (instead of a dial with numbers you spin, the numbers/letters are around the lock perimeter and you just press on them)
    5. Handcuffs
    6. Electromagnetic locks (put an object in a place to complete a circuit)
    7. Date locks
  5. Read everything TWICE. (Refer to Rule #3)
  6. Don’t just look around. Study details and observe.
  7. PARTICIPATE! You will only have as much fun as the energy you put into the game.
  8. Book the entire room with your friends (unless you don’t mind meeting some new people). Keep in mind that said new people may be really dumb, drunk/hungover, annoying, or smell bad. You are trapped in a small room with them for 45-60 minutes, after all.
    1. This ‘Tip’ is in here because, well, experience.

Questions for the Game Master

  1. What’s the actual, physical objective?
    1. Are we looking for an object? Have to get something out of a safe? Do we need a key to open the door to leave?
  2. Is there a Leader Board?
    1. If so, can we ask for help/a clue and still get on it?

14 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks

  1. Thanks for the tips on escape rooms! My wife and I are going to an escape room for the first time this weekend, and we want to make sure we are prepared. Thanks for mentioning that you should read everything twice so you don’t miss anything. We will make sure we are thorough.

    1. Hey Ernest. Glad we could help!

      What’s the name of the location and the room you’re doing? We’ll check them out.

  2. My husband and I have never been to an escape room but have been wanting to. I like that you gave the tip to actively participate and pay attention to the details in order to make the most of it. This seems like a great idea for a group activity and a way to get everyone involved by working together to solve a problem. I’m excited for when we finally go to one!

  3. My boyfriend and I are going to our first escape room, and we are wanting to have a few tricks up our sleeves. I like how you pointed out that we actually need to participate wholeheartedly to make it fun. I think this is something that everyone who goes to these things need to know or else they won’t have a great time.

    1. We always tell people they need to do 2 rooms before they decide to write off escape rooms in general. It’s that second one, now that they have a better idea of what an escape room is, that really determines it.

  4. I like how you suggested booking the entire room with your friends. It makes sense why you would want to be in a room with them for 45-60 minutes, rather than with strangers. My cousin has been looking into fun activities to do with her friends. Checking into an escape room could be a fun option for her.

  5. I do believe I would have a full team when we go to an escape room next week. As you’ve mentioned we would feel more comfortable being with people we know since we’ll be more open to participating and in return have a lot of fun with the game. I’ll try to remember your tips so that we can successfully beat our first ever escape room together. Honestly, I am quite excited for it had been a while since we’ve managed to play a game together.

  6. What I liked the most was your tip #6 and #7 where you said that it’s best to observe rather than just looking around, as well as participating because I will only have fun if I put energy into the game. I was planning to play in an escape room with my friends prior to starting our dissertation because it will strengthen our teamwork even more. Aside from that, I have been wanting to try an escape room activity for a while now, and I finally found an excuse to do it. Thanks for sharing. It pumped me up even more!

  7. I think people are suppose not to take things too seriously! Cuz it become really stressful for others…You should’t give up after few tries but don’t pick on other people cuz you will ruin the team spirit. Also great tips 🙂

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